Thursday, March 30, 2017


I asked Lord am I good enough for you
I know what you've called me to do
But I'll ask you again is it true
Lord am I good enough for you

He said Yes you are good enough for me
Let me open your heart so you can see
My love for you was shown on Calvary
You will always be good enough for me

I know it's been hard to hear the things you have heard
But those are man's opinions now listen to my words
My spirit is alive in you for you I gave my all
I feel everything you feel when on my name you call

If you will only trust me I will surely prove
I hold you firmly in my hand and no one can make you move

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Several years ago I had an opportunity
To reach out to a grieving family through my gift of poetry
I read in the paper a lady had passed away
I thought I was my friend's mother so I began to pray
I asked the Lord what I could do he answered me & said
Go minister to the family of the one that's dead
I went to the funeral home but when I walked inside
I'd never seen those people or the lady who had died
I went and signed the guest book then an usher came to me
I said I didn't see the person I went there to see
He told me she would be there when the morning came
He pointed out her brother though I didn't know his name
We talked for a few minutes about the peace on his mother's face
After suffering so long she finally won the race
He asked me if I could come back for the funeral the next day
I told him I would be there and for him I would pray
I walked into the chapel & sat close to the back
Although I was really shocked I thought the place would be packed
When they brought the casket in with the family behind
I still didn't see my friend but it didn't cross my mind
I sat through the service then followed to her resting place
I walked up to my friend's brother & soon the color left my face
He thanked me for coming & I said his sister I had not seen
When he pointed to this woman she was tall, blonde and lean
Then suddenly it hit me the family I didn't know
So I got in my car and drove as fast as I could go
On the way back to the house I said Lord what have I done
Then I heard him laughing and knew he was having fun
He did stop laughing long enough & then I heard him say
You did what I asked you to & I led you all the way
The moral of this story is make sure you know who died
Then you won't have the urge to run and find a place to hide

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

From Dottie To Larry

My dear precious Larry though it's been several years
Since the Lord called me home I know you still shed tears
Of course I know you miss me and how I miss you too
But before you know it I will reunite with you
I can't wait for you to get here and join with me in praise
As we give all the glory unto the Ancient of Days
Up here there are no burdens so every trial you have faced
Will be wiped from your memory and every sin erased
I love you and appreciate everything you've done
To keep my memory alive my beloved son
So hold on a little longer you won't have long to wait
Be ready when the Lord comes back and I'll meet you at heaven's gate