Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Several years ago I had an opportunity
To reach out to a grieving family through my gift of poetry
I read in the paper a lady had passed away
I thought I was my friend's mother so I began to pray
I asked the Lord what I could do he answered me & said
Go minister to the family of the one that's dead
I went to the funeral home but when I walked inside
I'd never seen those people or the lady who had died
I went and signed the guest book then an usher came to me
I said I didn't see the person I went there to see
He told me she would be there when the morning came
He pointed out her brother though I didn't know his name
We talked for a few minutes about the peace on his mother's face
After suffering so long she finally won the race
He asked me if I could come back for the funeral the next day
I told him I would be there and for him I would pray
I walked into the chapel & sat close to the back
Although I was really shocked I thought the place would be packed
When they brought the casket in with the family behind
I still didn't see my friend but it didn't cross my mind
I sat through the service then followed to her resting place
I walked up to my friend's brother & soon the color left my face
He thanked me for coming & I said his sister I had not seen
When he pointed to this woman she was tall, blonde and lean
Then suddenly it hit me the family I didn't know
So I got in my car and drove as fast as I could go
On the way back to the house I said Lord what have I done
Then I heard him laughing and knew he was having fun
He did stop laughing long enough & then I heard him say
You did what I asked you to & I led you all the way
The moral of this story is make sure you know who died
Then you won't have the urge to run and find a place to hide


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